Happy Middle Child Day!


top:Topshop / shorts:Saks Off 5th / sandals:(sold out)Gilt , similar-Dune London / sunglasses:Tory Burch / earrings:Banana Republic / necklace:Anthropologie /

Happy middle child day! I am the second of four children, and couldn’t be more of a middle child! I have always felt the pressure to live up to my extremely intelligent siblings, Maureen, Bridget, and Patrick, and also have enjoyed having the wonderful example of my older sister, Maureen, to follow! I can easily fly under the radar, if I’d like, and turn up my personality to stand out, something I have learned to enjoy! I love the middle, I always have! From begging for the middle seat in the car and movie theater, to putting myself in the middle of the action growing up, I would not want to be anywhere else! The pictures in this post are from a few weeks ago…the middle of our lakehouse vacation! To all of you middle children out there, may your mistakes go unnoticed and successes be celebrated! Cheers! Xoxo

Last Call! Nordstrom Anniversary Sale



Top:Nordstrom / Shorts:J.Crew / Shoes:Sam Edelman / Hat: no longer available from Rue La La, similar-H&M / Earrings:Banana Republic /

Last call for the best sale of the year, Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale! Tomorrow is the last day! I am Nordstrom obsessed, and proud of it! I look forward to the Anniversary Sale all year, and have the “day after Christmas blues” when it ends. Brand new, high end apparel and accessories being introduced at sale prices…it seems too good to be true, but thanks to Nordstrom, it is not! The top featured in this post was purchased on one of my many trips to Nordstrom after the start of their Anniversary sale. It was a perfect piece to buy because it can be worn during the remainder of this hot summer, and can be worn over and under layers for fall! I played up the accent colors in this top by wearing bold red shorts, and my royal blue floppy hat! With such a colorful look, I chose to keep all accessories minimal. Minimalist, I am not, but I wanted this outfit to look bold without seeming overthought. This look plays with primary colors in a fun way. What are your favorite items purchased at the anniversary sale? Get the amazing deals before they are….going, going, Gone!!

P.S. My sister and I waited for almost an hour to get the butterfly shot! It was worth the wait!

Summer Stripes



imageimageimageimageTop:Topshop / Shorts:J.Crew / Sandals:J.Crew / Sunglasses:Ray-Ban / Earrings:Banana Republic / Necklace:Fornash /

Earn your stripes… in style! Put a modern twist on the classic print by wearing stripes with, more stripes! Mix thin and thick stripes or wear stripes in opposing directions! The Topshop tank top featured in this post appealed to me because of its’ stripes that run in different directions. Once I combined this top with my striped J.Crew shorts, I had my very own print party! These two striped pieces, once combined, created a look that upgraded a classic print to a chic trendy outfit! Try it out this summer to earn your (summer) stripes!

Picture Perfect

7.29.2016imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageCamera: Nikon/ Hat:Michael Stars / Top: Ella Moss/ Shorts:J.Crew / Sandals: DV by Dolce Vita/ Sunglasses: Ray-Ban/ Earrings:Baublebar / Bracelet:Banana Republic /

After receiving a lot of questions asking what kind of camera I use, I have decided to dedicate a post to the topic! When I decided to create my personal style website/blog, Girl With All the Curls, I wanted to purchase a camera that would take high quality pictures while being user friendly. After researching cameras and asking friends and family members for recommendations, (special shoutout: Patrick O’Donnell!-You were so helpful!), I purchased a Nikon D5300 camera and a 50mm lens. The 50mm lens is the best for fashion bloggers! My Nikon camera and lens are two of the best investments I have made. I am able to capture moments perfectly with high-quality images, making editing almost always unnecessary! The professional quality of this camera makes it possible to capture an image in great detail, making it possible to see the texture or weave of an article of clothing, as if it were right there in front of you! As a mom, I am always wanting to capture precious moments of my children, like the ones featured in this post from our recent vacation at our lake house! My camera does just that! The images captured are so real and life-like that it feels like I am able to freeze time with the click of a button. The wifi feature makes sharing and uploading pictures extremely easy! I could go on and on all day about how much I love this camera, but you get the “picture”, right?!

Vogue with a Side of Coffee

7.23.2016imageimageimageimageimageimageTop:Anthropologie / Shorts: J. Crew/ Shoes:Sam Edelman /Sunglasses:Tory Burch / Earrings:Kate Spade/ Bracelet: (no longer available),great alternative-Anthropologie / Coloring Books:Barnes & NobleBarnes & Noble / Colored Pencils:Barnes & Noble / Phone Case:(newest version), Kate Spade /

My favorite time of the day is late morning. I am past the “Can I go back to sleep?” stage and well into my “I can accomplish anything!” stage. This is the time of day in which my kids are energized and in full play mode, giving me time to plan the day, clean up, and be creative! I typically plan future outfit ideas and draft posts during this time. My well-rested mind and coffee filled self allow my creative juices to flow, (pun intended). Optimism is fully present in my mind and spirit as I begin the day. Recently, I discovered adult coloring books at Barnes and Noble! The Vogue coloring books, that I could not resist, have been a new and exciting way to channel my creative energy. Featuring vintage Vogue covers, they are a great source of inspiration! What time of the day is your favorite? I hope you all enjoy every minute!

Pleats and Pumps



Dress:Luca Couture from Gilt / Shoes:Renvy from Gilt / Clutch: ( sold out,Anthropologie)  another gorgeous option-Anthropologie /Sunglasses:Ray-Ban / Earrings: Givenchy/ Bracelet: Anne Klein/ Ring: Michael Kors/

Copy me. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, I give you full permission to copy me! After all, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I am not endorsing taking credit for an idea that isn’t your own, but Isn’t that why blogs and websites like mine exist? To inspire? If even just one person takes inspiration from a post of mine, I feel accomplished, and quite thrilled- to be honest! Seeing an idea or concept that you like and putting your own personal spin on it is a beautiful thing! Having two sisters, I am no stranger to copying and being copied. The dress in this post was recently purchased by one of my sisters only minutes after she saw mine! We typically can share clothes but this particular sister is a bit taller than me so she needed a size that provided more length. When she told me that she purchased one for herself, I was thrilled! An outfit concept that I had instantly inspired someone! Yay! If this post, or any past or future post of mine inspires any of you, I would love to hear about it! Feel free to email (girlwithallthecurls@gmail.com), Facebook, or comment below to let me know about it. Let’s inspire each other!

Sweet Home Chicago


Dress:J.Crew / Sunglasses: Shopbop/ Earrings:Banana Republic / Shoes:Aldo /

Today was the perfect Chicago summer day. There is nothing better than a bright blue sky decorated with the Chicago skyline on a sunny summer day. The always present breeze in the “Windy City” makes hot summer days like today bearable! Dipping your feet in the lake (Lake Michigan) is also a great way to cool off too! The beauty ofFered by this lovely city never gets old,Even to a Chicago native like myself. My younger sister, Bridget and I walked by the lake and soaked up this beautiful summer day. Bridget, who just so happens to be my photographer, loves exploring the city as much as I do. We both wore light, airy dresses to beat the heat today! Together, We had so much fun taking in the sights of our “sweet home Chicago”.

Queen Bee

6.28.2016imageimageimageimageimageimageT-shirt:Kate Spade / Shorts: old, similar- Nordstrom Rack/ Sandals:DV by Dolce Vita-Gilt / sunglasses: Ray-Ban/ earrings:old, similar- Kate Spade/
Here are the scoops…
1. Consider ice cream an accessory on hot summer days!
2. T-shirts can be chic too! I love the Kate Spade one featured in this post because it is far from plain and has a fun attitude with the “Queen Bee” message on it. Kate Spade has a ton of cute T-shirts to choose from!
3. Want to change up the look of a T-Shirt? Tie a side knot, that’ll do the trick!
4. Pair your favorite T-shirt with shorts that have details! The faux leather ones in this post add texture while looking feminine with the scalloped hem and cut-out details. Shorts come in all sorts of colors and patterns now, some with embroidered detailing too! Have fun and happy shopping!

Sunny Sunday




Sunglasses:Ray-Ban / Dress:J.Crew / Bracelets:J.Crew ,old-same just wider-J.Crew ,old- similar-J.Crew /  Earrings:Kate Spade / Shoes:J.Crew /

There is no better remedy for any ailment than some warm, beautiful sunshine! I am back, for real this time, and ready for a fun, stylish summer! Let’s crank up the heat this summer with vibrant colors and patterns. Summer is a time to let loose and take chances. The dress in this post is one of those pieces that struck me the moment I walked into J. crew. The second I saw it hanging front and center in the store, I knew that there was no chance I would be leaving without it. The pattern is so cheery and the fabric is luxurious, (from Como, Italy). While some people might suggest keeping all other elements in this look neutral since the pattern is loud and a statement maker, I say, “Let’s pack a punch!” Bold accessories, like these Ray-Bans, do just that. Let’s make a pact to be bright, bold, and beautiful together this summer! Cheers to sun and style-filled summer!

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