Sweater:(Emerald Version)-Banana Republic , similiar- Banana Republic/ Skirt:Milly / Earrings:Baublebar / Boots:Bucco /

Happy 2017! My 2 month absence from my site was totally unexpected, and I am thrilled to be back at it again! A LOT has changed! I attended the Simply Stylist Conference in New York which was the best thing I have done since starting this site. I met a ton of like-minded people who share my obsession for fashion and style. It was a perfect event for networking with other people in the industry. I left feeling connected and inspired. A few days after my return, we moved to a new home in the town where I grew up just days before my son, Killian’s, birthday. We are still getting settled but are very happy with the move! Killian had his golden birthday, 4! The holidays were a whirlwind, of course. Family members visited from Texas and New York, and we had parties almost every day! Now that the New Year’s confetti is settling and the pieces of my life are all falling into place it is time to get back to Girl With All the Curls. I am extremely honored to have you here, reading this! Thank you! I am going to be posting consistently again. Stay tuned to see what I have in store for 2017!

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