Dress:Luca Couture from Gilt / Shoes:Renvy from Gilt / Clutch: ( sold out,Anthropologie)  another gorgeous option-Anthropologie /Sunglasses:Ray-Ban / Earrings: Givenchy/ Bracelet: Anne Klein/ Ring: Michael Kors/

Copy me. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, I give you full permission to copy me! After all, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I am not endorsing taking credit for an idea that isn’t your own, but Isn’t that why blogs and websites like mine exist? To inspire? If even just one person takes inspiration from a post of mine, I feel accomplished, and quite thrilled- to be honest! Seeing an idea or concept that you like and putting your own personal spin on it is a beautiful thing! Having two sisters, I am no stranger to copying and being copied. The dress in this post was recently purchased by one of my sisters only minutes after she saw mine! We typically can share clothes but this particular sister is a bit taller than me so she needed a size that provided more length. When she told me that she purchased one for herself, I was thrilled! An outfit concept that I had instantly inspired someone! Yay! If this post, or any past or future post of mine inspires any of you, I would love to hear about it! Feel free to email (girlwithallthecurls@gmail.com), Facebook, or comment below to let me know about it. Let’s inspire each other!

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