Sunglasses:Ray-Ban / Dress:J.Crew / Bracelets:J.Crew ,old-same just wider-J.Crew ,old- similar-J.Crew /  Earrings:Kate Spade / Shoes:J.Crew /

There is no better remedy for any ailment than some warm, beautiful sunshine! I am back, for real this time, and ready for a fun, stylish summer! Let’s crank up the heat this summer with vibrant colors and patterns. Summer is a time to let loose and take chances. The dress in this post is one of those pieces that struck me the moment I walked into J. crew. The second I saw it hanging front and center in the store, I knew that there was no chance I would be leaving without it. The pattern is so cheery and the fabric is luxurious, (from Como, Italy). While some people might suggest keeping all other elements in this look neutral since the pattern is loud and a statement maker, I say, “Let’s pack a punch!” Bold accessories, like these Ray-Bans, do just that. Let’s make a pact to be bright, bold, and beautiful together this summer! Cheers to sun and style-filled summer!

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