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The sun is setting on the summer of 2016! Watching the time left in summer run out has been difficult this year. The two sweet girls that I have had the honor of being a nanny to for the past 4 years are now in school, and have matured into beautiful, intelligent young girls. The memories I have from the time both myself and my two kids have from the time spent with these girls are priceless. What started as a job, became a way of life as I then became a mom. These girls play the role of the older sisters to my two children. I came out of the experience with a family that is like an extension of my own family. The last few weeks have been emotional to say the least, but now I am ready to begin new adventures. As fall nears, I am excited to be able to be with Killian and Nora full time while having more time to focus on my blog! On a recent outing, I was shopping, of course, and purchased the Tory Burch shoes featured in this post. The beautiful design of the shoes was inspired by a sunset and it became obvious to me that I not only was going to purchase the shoes, but that I would also use them as a tool in focusing on the beauty that the end of a period of time can posses. They serve as a reminder that at the end of something, there is peace and beauty. I chose to wear all white to really highlight the shoes! The white look also serves as a “blank canvas” moment for me. Now I have the opportunity to make all of my dreams come true on Girl With All the Curls!

*A Special shoutout to the team at the Tory Burch store in Oakbrook, especially Clea! These shoes are going to take me places! 😊

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