7.23.2016imageimageimageimageimageimageTop:Anthropologie / Shorts: J. Crew/ Shoes:Sam Edelman /Sunglasses:Tory Burch / Earrings:Kate Spade/ Bracelet: (no longer available),great alternative-Anthropologie / Coloring Books:Barnes & NobleBarnes & Noble / Colored Pencils:Barnes & Noble / Phone Case:(newest version), Kate Spade /

My favorite time of the day is late morning. I am past the “Can I go back to sleep?” stage and well into my “I can accomplish anything!” stage. This is the time of day in which my kids are energized and in full play mode, giving me time to plan the day, clean up, and be creative! I typically plan future outfit ideas and draft posts during this time. My well-rested mind and coffee filled self allow my creative juices to flow, (pun intended). Optimism is fully present in my mind and spirit as I begin the day. Recently, I discovered adult coloring books at Barnes and Noble! The Vogue coloring books, that I could not resist, have been a new and exciting way to channel my creative energy. Featuring vintage Vogue covers, they are a great source of inspiration! What time of the day is your favorite? I hope you all enjoy every minute!

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